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Welcome to the official Biohazard RPG site!


This is the official Biohazard RPG website (Well the RPG is unofficial, so this is the official site for the unofficial RPG). This is an RPG played on

WebRPG( It is an adult RPG, meaning it will have violence and gore, and swearing. If you can't handle these things, go play a wussy RPG like AD&D. You can go through this site to look at all the rules.

There will be more updates as I release new versions. I go by KoRn or Chris on WebRPG. I am trying to get a challenges and games board up.

I just got a downloadable version of the PHB available. After downloading it, unzip it using an extractor and put it where you put your other WebRPG files. And voila, instant Biohazard RPG PHB for WebRPG. (If you don't have WebRPG, don't even bother with this. This is in a format only WebRPG can read)

BIOHAZARD PHB v1.3 (Zipped)


7/14/00-SITE LAUNCH!!!

7/16/00-Version 1.1 released. Site undergoing reconstruction.

7/19/00-Version 1.2 released. Site undergoing reconstruction again

7/23/00-Version 1.3 released. Site getting more reconstruction. I know this is a lot of versions at once, but this is still early in the games life.

9/6/00-Hey, I just figured I better put something here. BIOHAZARD RPG is NOT dead. It has merely been set back. I have been grounded from my PC for a while, one I get back on, things will start to get better. I am working on version 1.4 too so expect it soon after I get ungrounded (about a month)

This pic rocks.

I was gonna put a zombie pic here, but this one is just too damn cool. The zombie ended up in the system.







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